Metadata is data that describes other data. Meta is a prefix which means “an underlying definition or description.”

The metadata section is an essential part of the PhilFSIS website. It summarizes basic information about the data/indicator. Included in the metadata are the definition, computational formula, and source of the data/indicator. It also covers the definition, frequencies of collection and dissemination, temporal and spatial disaggregation and the agency responsible for the basic data.
This section is organized per dimension. Under each food security dimension, the indicators are grouped into the level of importance. They are classified as key or support indicators. Key indicators are those which best describe the dimension. In the absence of available data for the key indicators, support indicators are used as proxy indicator. Each indicator is linked to its metadata and vice versa.

Food Availability

Key Indicators Table ID
Food Available per Capita 3L5FFAC0
Food Production Index 3L5FFPI0
Support Indicators Table ID
Monthly Cereals Stock Index 3L5FCSI0
Cropping Intensity Index 3L5FCII0
Import Dependency Ratio 3L5FIDR0

Food Accessibility

Key Indicators Table ID
Farmer's Share to Consumer Peso 3L5FFSC0
Consumer Price Index 3L5FCPI0

Food Utilization

Indicators Table ID
Ratio of Food Expenditure to Total Family Expenditure (by Region) 3L5FRFE0
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