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Food Availability

Food availability dimension addresses supply side of the food security and expects sufficient quantities of quality food from domestic agriculture production or import.

Food Accessibility

Food accessibility refers to the access by individuals to adequate resources for acquiring appropriate foods for a nutritious diet. It addresses whether the households or individuals have enough resources to acquire appropriate quantity of quality foods, thus, it encompasses their income, expenditure and buying capacity.

There are two aspects of food access – the economic and physical access. Economic access refers to factors such as income, poverty and other indicators of buying capacity. Physical access indicators are related to infrastructure and facilities that hasten the access to food.

Furthermore, the indicators were grouped into the level of importance which were either key or support. Key indicators are those which best describe the dimension. In the absence of available data for the key indicators, the support indicators will be the alternative for use.

Food Utilization

Food utilization is one of the three dimensions of food security.  It is defined as the ability of the human body to ingest and metabolize food through adequate diet, clean water, good sanitation and health care to reach a state of nutritional well-being where all physiological needs are met. 

In this dimension, it is essential to know if the food available in a given period of time had been accessed and well utilized.  A household makes decisions on what food to consume and how to allocate food within the household.  Appropriate food intake is vital for nutritional status of the populace.

Exogenous Factors

Exogenous factors that affect food security.

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