Energy Accounts of the Philippines: Physical Asset Accounts by Resource, Class, Changes in Stock, and Year

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Indicator Physical Asset Accounts for Energy Resources
The physical asset accounts for energy resources provide information on the volume of coal, oil, natural gas, and condensate resources of the country. It presents the stock at the beginning and end of each year as well as the changes recorded within the year. These changes in stock may be additions (such as discoveries, upward reappraisals, and reclassifications) or reductions (such as extractions, downward reappraisals, and reclassifications).
Energy resources are categorized into three classes:
Class A - Commercially recoverable resources
Class B - Potentially commercially recoverable resources
Class C - Non-commercial and other known deposits
Method of Computation / Estimation Procedure Estimation procedure is documented in the Technical Report
Source of Basic Data Energy Resource Development Bureau, Department of Energy
Source Document/ Agency Philippine Statistics Authority
Frequency of Release Annual
Latest Available 2020
Level of Disaggregation National
Remarks The Energy Accounts of the Philippines are environmental accounts regularly updated by the Environment and Natural Resources Accounts Division of the Philippine Statistics Authority. The accounts were initially developed  through the Philippine Economic-Environmental and Natural Resources Accounting (PEENRA) Project.
Contacts Environment and Natural Resources Accounts Division (ENRAD)
Philippine Statistics Authority
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Tel:(+632) 8376-2041
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