How to Access/Create Database Tabulation:

To create database tabulation, select on a particular subject-area or topic. Every topic has a list of tables and each table is segregated by its indicators/variables thru a list box.

To select item/s in the list box:

  • To select one item in a list box, click on that particular item. At least one selection in every list box has to be made to show a result for each variable.
  • To select several items in a list box that are not in order, press the Ctrl key at your keyboard simultaneously while clicking on items.
  • To select all of the item click on the  button or click on the first line and hold the Shift key at your keyboard and click on the last line of the list box.

To deselect item/s in the list box:

  • To deselect an item in the list box, press the Ctrl key simultaneously while clicking on the highlighted item.
  • To deselect all of the selected items in the list box, click the  button.

To search item/s in the list box:

  • To search for an item in the list box, type in the item name in the Search box and click the  button.

To generate, format and save tabulations:

  • After all required variables have been selected, click continue to generate the table.
  • To format table (pivoting, inserting sum and percentages and other calculations), click on the different menu icons at the top of the table.
  • To generate graph, click the  button. You may choose from different type of graphs applicable for the table.
  • To save tabulation, click on the file format you desired.
    Example: Excel (XLS), Extensible Markup Language (XML), Text (TXT), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) or Comma Separated Values (CSV)
  • To transfer file in excel, click save as then open with and find the excel program or highlight the table then copy and paste in excel.
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