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0012J8EAIE0 Assets, Investments and Earnings of the Social Security System 2J8EAIE0
0012J8EBLC0 Broad Money Liabilities and Its Composition (SRF-Based) 2J8EBLC0
0012J8EBML0 Broad Money Liabilities and its Origin (SRF-Based) 2J8EBML0
0012J8EBOP0 Balance of Payments 2J8EBOP0
0012J8ECRD0 Cash Receipts and Disbursement of the Government Service Insurance System by Year and Item 2J8ECRD0
0012J8EESS0 Expenditures of the Social Security System by Fund 2J8EESS0
0012J8EFAB0 Factors Affecting Broad Money Liabilities (SRF-Based) 2J8EFAB0
0012J8EFPP0 Financial Performance of the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation by Year and Item 2J8EFPP0
0012J8EIGS0 Investments of the Government Service Insurance System by Year and Item 2J8EIGS0
0012J8EIPS0 Investments Portfolio of the Social Security System by Year and Item 2J8EIPS0
0012J8ENCM0 Number of Closed and Merged Banks 2J8ENCM0
0012J8ENFI0 Number of Financial Institutions 2J8ENFI0
0012J8ENIC0 Number of Insurance Companies Authorized to Transact Business in the Philippines by Item and Year 2J8ENIC0
0012J8EOFR0 Overseas Filipino's Remittances by Country and by Source 2J8EOFR0
0012J8EPDR0 Peso per U.S. Dollar Rate 2J8EPDR0
0012J8ERET0 Revenues, Expenditures and Trust Fund Generated From the Operations of the Social Security System by Year and Item 2J8ERET0
0012J8ERSS0 Revenues of the Social Security System by Fund 2J8ERSS0
0012J8ESCS0 Status of Claims Settlement Operations in Closed Banks by Period and Item 2J8ESCS0
0012J8ESDI0 Selected Domestic Interest Rates 2J8ESDI0
0012J8ESLE0 Statement of Loans and Equities Approved and Total Resources of the Development Bank of the Philippines 2J8ESLE0
0012J8ETAL0 Total Assets and Total Liabilities of the Philippines Banking System 2J8ETAL0
0012J8ETLG0 Total Loans (Gross), Loan Provisions and Non-Performing Loans 2J8ETLG0
0012J8ETRP0 Total Resources of the Philippine Financial System 2J8ETRP0
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